Celebrity Fitness Tips - Kate Winslet’s Diet for Weight Loss

Only a few years back, Celebrity actress Kate Winslet was what we could have called a plum and chubby woman, a verbal description that she personally never avoided or did anything to get free from this he. In all shades of acting carrier, Kate was never a size zero or skinny, a thing she often showed pride in, saying that healthy cannot and should not, equal thin. With all stats and comments from the media, she still does plenty of exercise to keep in top shape. She has achieved to lose weight with the diet of professional celebrity trainer and dietician Elizabeth Gibaud who really help Kate to achieve her desired weight loss and body type.

Kate Winslet: Amazing Celebrity Diet for Weight Loss

Celebrity diet and weight loss program starts with the diagnosis then the dietician recommended to Kate Winslet a 3 days detoxification plan and 1 strict diet of 20 days. The Diet include the following

  • Celebrity Diet - Phase 2:3 days detoxification diet
  • To enable the metabolism to remove rolled up toxins.
  • Breakfast of Kate Winslet include: 1 mandarins and 3 oranges.
  • Mid-morning portion: Raspberry or Kiwi juice and 1 glass of orange with lemon.
  • Lunch with Veggies and Fruit 1 cup of grapes, 1 piece of watermelon and 1 apple.
  • Fruits Snack :2 grapefruit and 2 mandarins.
  • Dinner : 3 slice of pineapple, 3 cookies, and infusion.

Strict 20 days diet of Kate Winslet for Weight Loss

After you complete the detox diet, we're needed to be ready for the strict celebrity diet, a 20 days diet during which you are only allowed to consume the recommended nourishments. Kate Winslet dietician reveals us the standard menu of the celebrity analysis diet. To achieve successful weight loss and desired weight loss, it's necessary to follow the strict celebrity diet and experience the positive and effective results.

  • Breakfast : 1 slice of wholemeal bread , 1 grapefruit or any seasonal fruit and coffee or tea without sugar.
  • Lunch : Raw Tomatoes salad, 1 slice of integral bread.
  • Dinner : Any kind of seafood or fish mixed with salad and vegetables.

Successful Celebrity Weight Loss of Kate Winslet

For successful weight loss will you follow this diet? According to fitness experts the diet of celebrity analysis is suitable for anyone with allergies, and overweight problems for weight loss. It should not exceed 20 days of n order to avoid the lack of nutrients and healthy weight. Before following a diet, please consult your doctor and nutritionist for proper guidance.


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