Celebrity Fitness Tips: Nina Dobrev

In an interview with the magazine Nina Dobrev, “The Vampire Diaries” celebrity reveals about diet, exercising, and how to kit her fit and stylish. When it comes to work out and her body, the 22-year-old hot celebrity says she has no six-pack abs. she have a flat tummy, but she is not rock hard. If she is going to be in a bikini, she will get train more and hop desserts for weeks. But in general, she work out to feel good.

Celebrity Fitness Tips: Nina Dobrev Promote Yoga

Exercising gives her endorphins and energy. She does it five days a week. She spins with Claire Holt and Candice Accola from the show. Running is her solo time, exercising her muscles outside in fresh air is therapeutic. Still, she says that yoga is exceedingly effective when wanting to get a s sexy bikini body . Yoga changed her body dramatically in positive way. It tones everything and leans you out and it works every muscle. But you have to focus for that if your mind is somewhere else, you'll fall

Celebrity Fitness Tips: Nina Dobrev’s Diet for Weight Loss

Nina is a tried and not true vegetarian. She tried it for 5 months, but determined it too hard to follow through. While she did drop few pounds, she started feeling weak, like she needed more protein and more energy. On her diet, she admits that eating healthy is important as it determines her mood. Starving to be skinny isn't her thing. When she doesn’t eat, it affects her mood. On-set, she fuel up with small meals and I'm always grabbing high-protein snacks, like nuts. it may have taken some experiment to find the correct path, but Dobrev for listening to her body and finding a healthy balance diet and exercise that makes her feel her best.


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