Celebrity Fitness Tips: Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an American actress, author, singer, producer and television director. She is best known Sarah Reeves Merrin in Fox Series Party of Five role. The 34 year old actress Late last year they got reasonably entail about actress Jennifer Love Hewitt as she is looking a little bigger than normal and lot more heavier. She was a size 2 at the time she said and that she wasn't fat, but she typically worried about how the tending would strike image- witting girls who saw the media calling her fat and chubby.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jennifer to hold her incredible and sexy figure she first started with a healthy diet plan which lets in 1200 to 1400 calories in a day but afterwards she altered it to as 800 to 900 per day. Jennifer conceives in healthy eating and Sant Angelo her nutritionist take care of her diet plan precisely. Nutritionists recommend her whole grains before lunch to keep up energy level and prevent her from mid night eating. In order to prevent from overeating habit Hewitt do food market shopping every 2 days.

Celebrity Healthy Fitness Tips and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Breakfast: 2 servings of mixed fruit like blueberries, 1 Grapefruit 2 oranges, or raspberries, 1 cup of low fat Greek yogurt. Snack: 2 table spoon of natural peanut butter with an apple. Lunch: lettuce with turkey sandwich, tomatoes, half table spoon mustard on Ezekiel sprouted bread & sprouts half table spoon mayo. Snack: Carrots, 3 cups of mixed greens, & broccoli. Dinner: 2 cups of veggies like steamed artichokes, 8 oz roasted fish snow pea pods, work seared mushrooms.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Celebrity Weight Loss Exercise

For strong and healthy body exercise is as crucial as good diet. Jennifer follow fitness plan. she does workout 4to 5 days in a week and for 2 hour. Jennifer also loves to go for roller jogging, running and skating. Her workout routine also includes: 1. 15 minutes warm up, for this she does cardio exercise like running on treadmill and skipping. 2. 30 minutes kettlebell exercises, Squats. 3. For upper body :4 sets of push ups with 10 reps in each set, 4 minutes body planks, 2 minute bicycle crunches. 4. For lower body :3 sets of lunges on each leg which includes 25 reps in each set. Toning of thigh & core. 3 sets of donkey kicks which includes 50 reps in each set.

No one likes to be criticized concerning their weight, particularly celebrities who area unit perpetually within the spotlight. It’s positively some way to leap begin a tough core makeover! Jennifer’s diet and workness set up could be a well-balanced approach to losing weight and obtaining fit. By observation the number of calories you eat and solely feeding contemporary healthy foods, you may positively drop those pounds quickly.


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