How to lose 50 Pound in 1 month without doing Single Minute of Exercise?

It’s not like any another fast weight loss diet program which just restrict you from having calories, quick weight loss and the other fizzy and clumsy celebrity weight loss which doesn’t have any effect on your desired weight loss and health. While Beverly Hills Diet can be a very effective detoxification method. The Beverly Hills Diet is a quick weight loss program designed by author Judy Mazel in mid 80’s. It is seven week program, which begins with 12 days of fruit exclusively intake, which has been some of the main asset of success of this diet and highly appreciated from the medical community. The designer of this weight loss program has suffered from obesity long-way until she gets rid of it through extreme efforts which his actually summarize in this diet program.

The Motivational Story Behind this Success Weight Loss Program

Judy Mazel since her early age she is suffering from obesity she consult a lot but no nutritionist and doctor has been able to make her slim. For 20 years, she has been told by the doctor that she is meant to stay with this problem throughout the life after 8 month she got a leg fracture then during her healing period she began to indulge with book of her a nutrition friend and by according those knowledge she actually implemented and acted upon her life under that program she loss 72 ponds from 180ponds to 108 and after that she never looks back she return with the band and she opened a weight loss center with number of Hollywood celebrities. This Diet program is very strict which limits the intake of these calories to 100 only per day.

How to Lose Weight in a Month by following Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills Diet program is incredibly restrictive and provides but a thousand calories per day this is often a regime that lasts six weeks and begins with ten days of exclusive consumption of fruits. Suggested fruits ar those have a reputation for burning fat and ar rather exotic. The diet is based on the catalyst actions of foods within the method biological process and controlled weight by dominant once foods were consumed and in what combos. The set up begins with the consumption of a series of such that fruits in a much selected order for the initial 10 days of the program. On Days 13 to 25, the dieter will add bread, 2 tablespoons of butter and 3 cobs of corn. Sources of complete protein, like cut or lobster, cannot be consumed till Day 25 of the set up. In shell this diet is predicated on a theory that the body wants the enzymes found in bound foods so as to digest the food properly. The author believes that once food isn’t digestible, it turns to body fat. a weird belief as a result of the body cannot metabolize the food till it's 1st been digested.

Overview of Beverly Hills Diet for Quick Weight Loss

The city diet set up is not any doubt a good detoxification tool, and may assist you shed some pounds in a very short amount of your time, however within the long-term you ought to completely avoid such a restrictive quick weight loss set up as a result of the intense health complications that may cause. This type of quick weight loss diet or derived versions like grapefruit or pineapple diet will cause intake disorders like eating disorder or bulimia.


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