Super Health and Weight Loss Benefit of Tea

Various studies around the globe keeps on revealing the health and weight loss benefits of Tea. Since The ancient time Tea is the remedy from headache to depression. Several experts Nutritionist provided several reasons for why we should opt regular healthy drinking habits of tea. Among the various health benefit Tea contain natural Fluoride which help to prevent from tooth decay when it is mixed with our saliva, the bacteria’s are not able to generate acid that promote tooth cavities.

Weight Loss Benefits of Tea

The most important benefits of Tea is weight loss according to studies that Green tea consist of catechins it an antioxidant which trigger weight loss by stimulating the process of calories burning and especially reduce body fat around the belly or stomach area.

“Drinking green tea makes you thin" is a quote from an ancient Chinese medical text called Bencao Shiyi. It seems that there are three compounds in green tea that conjointly act in concert to lose weight, caffeine, catechins and an amino acid Researchers did study with various peoples of different continent, they monitored weight, fat levels food intake and other health indicators which accomplished that these compounds emerges interactively in weight loss.

Tea prevent from cancer

Special thanks to polypheonls antioxidant which is found in green tea, just sipping one cup have cancer fighting effect. Famous nutritionist Patricia Bannan noted that in her overall inclusion of research shows that polypheonls in tea have biological activity is relevant to cancer prevention. One particular study from Italy found that drinking daily 3 cups of green tea prevent prostate cancer the person who had presence of cancer cells previously.

Tea Restrict Tumor Growths

Specifically Green tea activates the detoxification enzymes which inhibits the growth of tumor in the body.

Hydrate your Body with Green Tea

Nutritionists now agree that "drinking eight glass of water a day" plan is misleading to the people. A good idea drink the moderate caffeine intake through drink such as tea and coffee which hydrate the body along with water with no more two cups at a time.

Green Tea Prevent you from Heart Disease

According to a report which is publish in Netherland Medicine archive that drinking tea reduces the chances of atherosclerosis i.e. narrowing the arteries in the person who drank 1 to 2 cups a day by more than 50 percent. Another study published in the Stroke medical journal found that drinking of white, black, oolong and green tea cut the risk of heart stroke by 60 percent. The reason behind such health benefits is in natural element present in the tea basically antioxidant which is in high level play vital role in preventing heart diseases. It also helps to prevent some neurological disease like Alzheimer's.

Weight Loss and Reduction of Cholesterol

As weight loss and cholesterol are strongly interlocked various studies point out the fact that by reducing cholesterol helps in your weight loss, and also the detail that reducing your weight will help reduce cholesterol level. So whether its meat or egg, drinking green tea, in compounding with a good diet and exercise, emphatically supports the various studies outcome that it does certainly act as a good way for healthy weight loss.


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