Celebrity Green Tea Diet for Weight Loss

The health benefits of Green tea are versatile and no single drug or supplement offers such a long list of health benefits. It reduces risk of cardio-vascular diseases, stroke, cancers, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, enhance metabolism and immune system, slow aging, decrease inflammation, prevent flu, prevent cavity and gum diseases. That’s the reason more and more doctors, fitness experts and even celebrities recommend green tea nowadays to have perfect sexy figure and weight loss like celebrity.

Jennifer Aniston Green Tea Diet for Weight Loss

Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are among several celebrities who stay slim with green tea. Jennifer has reportedly called herself hooked to green tea. Is this just a storm in a teapot or really green tea can help more than other beverages with regard to weight loss, raising immunity, the enhancing metabolism to burn calories? Various well known celebrity medical experts say certainly yes. Green tea contains polyphenols, which is recognized to be highly effective antioxidant. Free radicals can easily lame cells and that's what antioxidants won’t allow to do that so. This healthy beverage also contains theanine, which cools it you down, so you won't rush but you get boosted metabolic. Apart from being jam-packed full of antioxidants, I’s a great way to hydrate and reduce your appetite for weight loss.

Lose Weight like Celebrity with Green Tea

Flick through any celebrity’s magazine and you'll surely find the picks of celebrities tugging the newest enhanced water, energy drink or protein bar, so, what's the catch behind waters that also help bring on sleep? And who's using green tea to stay slim and sexy? Celebrity like Laday Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez,Oprah, Robert Pattinson, Victoria Beckham, Elton John, Simon Bake and lot more drink green tea for health and weight loss benefits. Green tea contain ECCG which is an excellent metabolism booster, says doctor Fred Pescatore celebrity who regularly treats celebrities and shapes up in various entertainment magazines pointing out on celebrity weight loss.

Green Tea Benefits for Health and Weight loss

Health and weight loss benefits of green tea are medically proven especially Kou Tea as it contain some caffeine, research has shown that this green tea burn calorie in other ways. So it is the cosmos of factors uncorrelated to caffeine that make green tea be a more effective fat burner. Yes, it is accurate that drinking green tea will raise your metabolism. What is more essential for most of people and celebrities is that green tea is helping them to get slimmer, younger and healthier.

Studies suggest that integrating few cups of green tea into the daily diet will positively affect your health and weight. For more information and to achieve green tea health and weight loss benefits click below

KouTea weight loss Drink


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